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What would happen if your car trunk becomes locked, not due to design, but by sheer accident? Stop worrying in such situations because Atlantic Locksmith Store is always there to offer trunk unlock service at lightning speed with the best results. We have a proven track record in working with diverse range of clients in Austin, TX and helping them get out of undesirable situations such as trunk lockouts quickly.

The challenge with trunk unlocking:

Unlocking the trunk is not a walk in the park but requires highly skilled experts to do the job. Every vehicle manufacturer has invested lot of capital in creating high-end lock systems to make it virtually impregnable for car thieves. So, trying trunk unlock is an unchartered domain for majority of the locksmiths. To make matters worse, special alarms installed inside the car may go off as soon as you try to open the trunk forcefully.

Most locksmiths are devoid of tools that can help open the trunk without causing any damage. But Atlantic Locksmith Store can!

Hire the right auto locksmith to save the day:

Only an expert and skilled locksmith can handle the trunk unlock process, as hiring novices can spell the death knell for your car, especially they try to break the lock. Rest assured your maintenance and repair bill would escalate like never before. In order to avoid such incidents, call us as we have a huge brigade of expert professionals with the wherewithal to shoot down the problem in quick time. Atlantic Locksmith Store has enormous experience in delivering trunk unlock services by creating new keys or fixing the existing lock right Atlantic Locksmith Store Austin, TX 512-382-8997away.

What we do?

  • Cutting new keys for the trunk
  • Fixing the electronic circuitry of the lock
  • Non-destructive emergency opening
  • Handle the malfunctioning of the lock system

No matter what the time is or how harsh the weather is, we are always ready to respond and offer services with a big broad smile. Due to a competent staff at the helm, you are assured of instant and quality help to open the lock without causing damage to the vehicle body. Our commitment to the clients is unparalleled as we arrive at the spot without delay, diagnose the problem and quickly render the solution. Due to the presence of diverse range of technical tools, we are right up with the best to get you up and running.

Got a locked out trunk that needs a quick unlock? Call Atlantic Locksmith Store in Austin, TX